AipTek Pencam 3-in-1 to work under Ubuntun Karmic Koala

Plug in your pencam and close whatever dialogs that may appear on your screen. Open a terminal and do the following.

sudo rmmod stv680 videodev v4l1_compat
sudo modprobe stv680
sudo usermod -G video $USER

The reason for this is that is seems that there is a conflict between the camera and the webcam and it dont create /dev/video0. But the stv680 module from 2001 is still included in the kernel.

It worked fine after that. I could use the webcamera in Cheese, but have not yet got it to work under Skype beta for linux.

This will also probably work under earlier versions of ubuntu as well, but i haven't tried other versions than 9.10.

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